A Forum in Sweida in solidarity with Venezuela


Sweida, SANA – A solidarity forum with Venezuela was organized in Sweida city, southern Syria.

Participants voiced solidarity with Venezuela in facing the imperialism campaign led by the US, and rejection of the US President Barack Obama’s decree which arbitrary considered Venezuela as an “extraordinary threat to the US national security.”

They called on Obama to repeal this decree and to show respect to the Venezuelan people’s will.

“What is going on in Venezuela is similar to the terrorist war waged against Syria,” Venezuela’s Ambassador in Damascus Imad Saab said.

Venezuella Sweida

The Venezuelan government-initiated campaign, led by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, calling for US President to repeal his executive order that arbitrarily declares Venezuela an “extraordinary threat” to US “national security”.

The campaign aims at gathering at least 10 million signatures to be presented at the Summit of the Americas, which is scheduled to take place in Panama City on April 10 and 11.
H. Zain/ Barry

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