Dahhak: Washington belittles international community, prevents UN from halting Israeli aggression on Palestinians

New York, SANA- Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, Qusay Al- Dahhak, said on Tuesday that the US continues to belittle the will of UN member states as it still prevents Security Council from assuming its responsibility in keeping peace and security and halting the Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people.

Dahhak said that 144 days have passed while the world is witnessing war crimes and mass genocide perpetrated by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people.

“Security Council is unable to stop the Israeli crimes as the US prevents the international community from assuming its duties,” Dahhak said at UN Security Council session on the situation in Syria.

The Syrian Ambassador added that Syria exerts efforts to combat terrorism and end the threat it poses to its people and it faces livelihood challenges resulted by the western illegal economic measures imposed on the country.

“Syria is determined to cooperate with the UN and its agencies concerned, and the partners in the humanitarian task to support efforts aimed at promoting the humanitarian situation of the Syrian people through concentration on the early recovery projects,” Dahhak said.

He added that Syria calls on the UN to apply an active monitoring mechanism that guarantees the delivery of humanitarian aid to those who are in need in north-western parts of the country, and condemns those who ignore looting the aid by terrorists.

“The foreign occupation and its looting of the Syrian resources, coercive measures and the Israeli attacks derail and curb the increase in the number of refugees who want to return homeland,” Dahhak concluded.

Mazen Eyon

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