Cabinet sets a budget of 88 billion to fund plan on mitigating effects of natural disasters

Damascus, SANA- The Cabinet discussed several issues related to the work strategy of each ministry during the next stage and the solutions proposed to a number of difficulties facing the work of the public sector.

During its weekly session, chaired by Premier Hussein Arnous, the Cabinet attached great importance to devising ideas and visions that contribute to raising the level of performance of institutions concerned with service and development affairs, and expanding the range of facilities for of small and micro enterprises.

The Cabinet approved the work plan of the Fund to Mitigate the Effects of Drought and Natural Disasters on Agricultural Production and its estimated budget for the year 2024, amounting to about SYP 88 billion, with the aim of enabling the Fund to compensate for damages in the agricultural sector. It also approved the decision containing the financial system of the National Authority for Information Technology Services, with the aim of maintaining skilled personnel working in this sector.

Arnous asked the ministries to take full advantage of Law No. (3) regarding the creation, governance, and management of public joint stock companies and joint companies, which aims to contribute to the development of the economic public sector and the investment process, taking into account governance standards, in order to ensure the achievement of administrative and economic efficiency, and to enhance joint investments between the public and private sectors in light of the flexibility, facilities and advantages granted by the law.

The Cabinet agreed to add some specialty jobs in the Ministry of Culture.

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