Nebenzia: Washington provides support to terrorists in Syria  

New York, SANA- The United States supports terrorists in Syria and whitewashes them, Russia’s representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia said, adding that Washington’s intervention undermines stability.

Novosti news agency quoted Nebenzia as saying during a UN Security Council meeting held on Tuesday.

The Russian diplomat noted that Washington’s double standards are evident through its attempt to support and whitewash terrorists in Syria despite their inclusion on the Security Council’s terrorist list.

Nebenzia also strongly slammed Washington’s support for the inhuman and bloody Israeli aggression against civilians in the Gaza Strip, stressing that Washington’s presentation of this aggression as a “right to self-defense” embodies a blatant double standard in the US policy.

In another context, Russia’s delegate to the United Nations stressed that the Syrian government has the full right to receive comprehensive reports on the movements of humanitarian workers, especially in Idleb.

Nebenzia called on the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) not to shirk its responsibilities and fully implement its mandate stipulated in the UN General Assembly Resolution No. 46/182 to coordinate humanitarian activities in any part of Syria with the Syrian government.

Nebenzia added that until now, humanitarian aid has not reached Idleb and other areas in northern Syria, while the Syrian government seeks to achieve that in order to alleviate the suffering of Syrian citizens.

Syria granted the United Nations and its specialized agencies permission to use the Bab al-Hawa crossing to deliver humanitarian aid to needy civilians in northwestern Syria, in full cooperation and coordination with it, for a period of six months, starting on July 13 of last year.

The Russian delegate added, “It has become clear that despite the lack of an extension of the Security Council resolution on the cross-border mechanism, the United Nations is sparing no effort in its attempts to bypass the Syrian state, even though the latter has the full right to receive comprehensive reports on the movements of humanitarian workers, especially in Idleb.”

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