Jeddah declaration: Intensifying efforts to help Syria overcome crisis in line with Arab interest

Jeddah, SANA-The leaders, presidents and kings of the Arab countries stressed the importance of continuing and intensifying the Arab efforts aimed at helping Syria overcome the crisis in line with the common Arab interest and the fraternal relations that unite all the Arab peoples.

“Jeddah Declaration” was released at the conclusion of the 32nd session of the League of Arab States Council meeting at the summit level in the Saudi city of Jeddah.

The Palestinian cause is the central one for the Arabs

“We condemn in the strongest terms the violations and practices that threaten the lives and property of the Palestinians and their existence,” the declaration said.

The declaration stressed the importance of intensifying efforts to reach a comprehensive and just solution to the Palestinian cause and to reach a real prospect for achieving peace on the basis of the Two-State solution under international resolutions.

Intensify Arab efforts to help Syria overcome its crisis

The Declaration also welcomed the decision issued by the ministerial-level Arab League Council meeting, which included the resumption of the participation of Syrian government delegations in the meetings of the Council of the League and its affiliated organizations and agencies.

“We hope that this will contribute to supporting the stability of the Syrian Arab Republic, preserving its territorial integrity and resuming its normal role in the Arab world,” the Declaration said.

It stressed the importance of continuing and intensifying Arab efforts aimed at helping Syria overcome its crisis, taking into account the common Arab interest and the brotherly relations that unite all Arab peoples.

Sustainable development and security are inherent rights of the Arab citizen

On the other hand, the declaration affirmed sustainable development, security, stability and living in peace as inherent rights of the Arab citizen.

“This will only be achieved through concerted and integrated efforts,” the declaration added, underlining the commitment and pride in Arab values and culture based on dialogue, tolerance, openness and non-interference in the affairs of others. under no pretext.

The Declaration concluded “We appreciate the enthusiasm and interest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its efforts to ensure the right conditions for stability and economic growth in the region, especially with regard to sustainable development”.


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