Presidents al-Assad and Putin discuss cooperation, latest regional and international developments

Moscow, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday discussed with Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, during an expanded session of talks held in Moscow, several issues of the economic and political files, bilateral relations and cooperation, in addition to the latest regional and international developments.

On the bilateral level, the talks dealt with strategic relations between the two countries, based on common interests, principles and values that gather them, and work to boost these relations in the interests of the two peoples at a time when the world witnesses unprecedented changes.

The economic file was center in the talks between Presidents Putin and al-Assad, with the two sides discussing means of broadening the trade and economic cooperation between the two states, in addition to a deep dialogue on the main issues that were previously discussed in the follow-up meetings between the Russian and Syrian committees held on the sidelines of the visit.

As for politics, the two leaders discussed the latest developments and changes the world is witnessing, and the importance of continuing the build-up of partnerships and alliances among states which are linked by common principles and interests as to form an active power that moves for the interest of peoples and seeks economic and security stability in the face of western polices which are based on spreading chaos and destruction, waging wars, as well, in order to keep hegemony and to serve their narrow interests.

The two presidents also discussed the Russian military operation in Ukraine. President al-Assad renewed Syria’s stance in support of Russia’s right to defend its national security, meanwhile, President Putin considered that the Russian military operation is a war of existence, adding that the West has tried to destabilize Russia’s economic and political situation, but Russia has been able to adapt with that, moreover, it has achieved an economic growth despite the war.

Discussions also addressed the regional initiatives backed by Moscow. President al-Assad affirmed that Syria has long been with dialogue if it would give fruit in the interest of the Syrian people and the territorial integrity of Syria and lead to clear and specific results, on top, going ahead in the war on terror and the withdrawal of all foreign illegitimate forces existed on its territories.

The two leaders agreed to boost the standing cooperation between the two countries at the UN and all other international forums, with assertion that Syria highly appreciates Russia’s support against attempts of pressure on Damascus through the Western so-called chemical weapons in Syria.

On the regional side, the two presidents welcomed the announcement of Saudi Arabia and Iran to resume diplomatic relations as a step to positively reflect on the region and the world.

President Putin said, at the beginning of the talks, “I am glad to see you in Moscow, and I thank you for accepting this invitation. We are witnessing a great development in relations between our two countries”.

“The devastating earthquake has worsened the suffering of the Syrian people, Russia as a friend country spares no effort to mitigate such hardship.” Putin added.

President Putin said that the Syrian-Russian ties are constantly developing and the trade exchange has increased between the two countries.

President al-Assad said “I am very pleased with this visit. The meetings between our officials do not stop, but the international changes over the past year require us to meet for developing common conceptions for this stage.”.

President Al-Assad added “We thank Russia for the great assistance it provided to face the repercussions of the earthquake, especially the Ministry of Defense and the Russian army, which directly contributed to rescuing the injured in the earthquake,”.

Al-Assad said that the Syrian people express their gratitude to Russia’s stances that confirm commitment to respecting Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

President Al-Assad added that Syria reiterates its support to Russia during its fight against Western-backed Nazis.

“We are satisfied with the results of the work of the Syrian Russian joint committee, and my visit today paves the way to new stage in relation to the bilateral ties,” President al-Assad concluded.

At the end of the expanded session of talks, the two presidents continued their closed-door talks, concluded by a dinner banquet held by President Putin in honor of President al-Assad.

On the sidelines of the official visit, bilateral talks were held between Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Fayssal Mikdad, and his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov.

Earlier, Syrian Defense Minister Ali Mahmoud Abbas also discussed with his Russian counterpart Sergey Shoigu mutual cooperation in the military domain.

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