International Arab Popular Committee to lift the siege on Syria prepare a document condemning the US administration

Beirut, SANA- There will be a comprehensive scientific study on the effects of the Western blockade on Syria, which will be a document condemning the US administration for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity, according to the Preparatory Committee for the Arab and International Popular Campaign to Lift the Siege on Syria.

During a meeting by videoconference, the preparatory committee called on the Union of Arab lawyers and all human rights organizations to study the possibility of prosecuting the US administration before the international courts for genocide and war crimes against humanity.

The committee decided to prepare a letter for many parliamentary, popular, trade union and partisan bodies, including presenting the serious effects of the blockade imposed on Syria in all economic, social, health, educational and cultural aspects, and communicating with friendly media outlets in order to participate in this campaign in the way they deem appropriate.

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