12 Arab states participate in meeting of Arab Writers Union’s Permanent Bureau

Damascus, SANA- Activities of the meeting of Arab Writers Union (AWU) General Council kicked off on Tuesday under the motto “Writers for Arabism” at al-Assad National Library in Damascus, with the participation of delegations from 12 Arab countries, in addition to Syria.

The 2-day meeting include researchers and poets representing unions, associations and families and Arab literary societies.

With an intention to expand the cultural, literal and intellectual relations between Syria and Oman, an agreement was signed between the Union of Arab Writers of Syria and Omani Society for Writers and Literati.

Chairman of the Arab Writers Union (AWU) Dr. Mohammad al-Horani, said that the meeting of Arab intellectuals in Damascus, capital of Arabism and Resistance, is the strongest evidence that the consciousness of this nation is still alive and active.

“Culture is the main pillar of nation building and its cohesion for upgrading culture and knowledge in the face of terrorism and Zionism,” Dr.al-Horani added.

He stressed the need to exert serious efforts for the unity of Arab joint action in the cultural field, particularly in light of these circumstances that pose a threat on the existence and the culture of the nation.
For his part, AWU Secretary General Dr. Alaa-Eddin Abdel Hadi voiced,in his speech on behalf of thousands of Arab writers and intellectuals, commitment to the culture of resistance, which stood as an “impenetrable barrier” in the face of all the attacks targeting the thought and culture.

Special Adviser at the Presidency of the Republic, Dr. Buthaina Shaaban, in a statement to journalists, hailed the efforts exerted by the Arab writers and intellectuals who participated in the meeting and the difficulties encountered to hold it in Damascus.

Dr. Shaaban praised every Arab country that resists and believes that the Arab cultural renaissance for resistance is an example to follow, not only in the Arab world but around the world.

Hala Zain

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