Never-ending WAR CRIMES in Syria under NATO’s Shield, Veterans Today says

Damage to Damascus International Airport in Israeli aggression

New York, SANA- The American “Veterans Today” website condemned the continued US and Israeli attacks on Syria and acts of Turkish occupation forces on its territories, describing these attacks as war crimes that happen under NATO shield.

‘The ongoing and never-ending war crimes in Syria, including the US air strikes, on one hand and Israeli aggression on the other, in addition to Turkish intervention and persecution in the north, all that happen under shield by NATO, journalist Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio said in an article published on Veterans Today website.

Carisio compared the method of credibility and professionalism in covering events in Syria by its national media, represented by SANA News Agency, and the method of disinformation followed by Western media.

He noted that after four years of his first investigation in the US attempts to target Syria, he realized that SANA Agency is more trustworthy and reliable in following up events more than any another western source.

He went on saying that the western media outlets, instead of reporting the events as they really are, are covering up the continued war crimes committed by several countries under the cover of NATO.

The journalist saw that NATO’s schemes to target Syria are not only because of geopolitical reasons, rather, there are other reasons related to attempts of targeting peaceful coexistence among all Syrian spectrums

Rafah al-Allouni/ Mazen Eyon


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