A charity bazaar targeting children orphaned during crisis

Damascus, SANA – Children who were orphaned during the ongoing terrorist war that has torn many families apart are the target of a charity bazaar that was opened Monday at al-Sharq Club in Damascus city.

The bazaar, which will run through February 5th, is being held as part of the activities of “We Are Bound by Love”, a campaign that had been recently launched by a volunteer youth team in cooperation with a company specialized in the organization of exhibitions and economic events.

A wide range of civil associations and NGOs are taking part in the bazaar, according to Rami al-Halabi, head of the board of the organizing volunteer team whose group is titled “Syria Brings Us Together”.

The main idea of the bazaar is based on collecting a variety of toys to bring smile on the faces of children who lost a mother or a father in the course of the almost four-year globally-devised terrorist war that has ravaged the country.

“Our hope,” al-Halabi said, “is that such a campaign will be able to delight kids of all ages and have them let go, at least for a while, of the great deal of anxiety and pain they suffer under their arising life circumstances.”

A variety of products, mostly women, men and children cloths, handicrafts, makeup products, souvenirs, candles and utensils were on display at the bazaar, all offered at affordable prices.

Haifa Said

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