Electricity Minister: the first conference for investment for renewable energies an opportunity to exchange expertise

Damascus, SANA- Minister of Electricity, Ghassan al-Zamil said that the first conference for investment on renewable energies and electricity due to be held in Damascus on May 15th, and 16th, is an opportunity to exchange experiences, attract investors and encourage them to set up projects in this field.

Speaking to SANA in a statement, al–Zamil said that the conference will discuss the future of electric energy, investment opportunities in the electricity sector, financing mechanisms, necessary guarantees, and experiences of countries in developing the sector and benefiting from private investment with participation of specialists from the Ministries of Electricity, Finance, Economy and Foreign Trade, representatives of the Planning and International Cooperation Authority, ESCWA, the Arab Authority for Renewable Energy.

Al-Zamil stressed that the Ministry has recently established a fund to support renewable energies, raise energy efficiency, and develop some old legislations in this field.

The Minister explained that Syria has elements that encourage the application of alternative energies, as the sunny days reach 300 days per year, which can be used to generate photovoltaic energy.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah/Shaza Qriema

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