Youth art initiative aims at restoring glorious cultural role of Homs

Homs, SANA – A number of skillful youth artists held a series of artist exhibitions in Homs province in the framework of reviving the significant cultural role of the city.

The initiative aims at emphasizing the Syrian people’s capability to continue their creativity and resume their vital presence in the artistic side.

An art exhibition was held recently at the Civil Engineering Faculty at al-Baath University where a group of youth artist displayed many of their works which constitute a renewable springboard for art in Homs.

Artist Mahmoud al-Daher stressed that his participation is an attempt to get out of the daily suffering which Homs has witnessed during the last 4 years.

He added that the exhibitions allow the youth artists to rebuild a renewable intellect and enhance the spirit of positivism and resistance of all features of terrorism.

A number of amateur artists who constitute a new creative spirit on the art arena in Homs were attracted by the initiative, Al-Daher stressed.

Artist Tahani Barbar pointed out that her participation in the initiative aims at emphasizing that art is a beautiful and elegant massage far from the austerity of war.

Artist Bushra Khaddoug stressed that the initiative gave an opportunity for the youth artists to renew their experiences and to see the future with optimistic eyes.

For his part, Hamzeh Taljeh said that these exhibitions can restore the creative role of Homs as an intellectual and cultural torch.

H. Zain/ Barry

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