Minute by minute… the 9th day of the Russian special operation in Donbas

Kremlin: Russai monitors the flow of mercenaries from several states into Ukraine ,including terrorists acquired their experience in Syria

Putin to Scholz : We hope that Kiev would adopt a reasonable position during negotiations

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service :US army trained terrorists in al-Tanf base to move them to Ukraine

Konashenkov: Extremists in Ukraine prepare for provocative acts in Kharkiv

Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia :NATO Intelligence Service move armed terrorists to Ukraine.

Zelenskyy calls on the Jews to mobilize support for his regime

Russian Defense Ministry : Kiev regime distributed weapons to extremists without restriction

Zakharova : Crisis in Ukraine is a part of the West’s scheme to destroy Russia.

-Russian President Vladimir Putin : The Russian military operation in Ukraine is continuous until its goals are achieved.

-Russian Defense Ministry (MoD) : 1,812 Ukrainian military facilities have been destroyed so far.

-The Russian army publishes a video of the destruction of the US-made Javelin missiles in Ukraine.

-Putin: Russia only responds to negative actions of other countries, and neighboring countries must not escalate.

-Russian Forces have seized control of Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

-Russian MoD: a monstrous provocation attempt was made by the Ukaranian nationalists as they set on fire near the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant to accuse Russia of radiation spread.

-Russian State Duma has adopted a law on introducing the criminal responsibility for spreading knowingly false information about the Russian Armed Forces.

-Donetsk: Ukrainian forces continue to bombard populated areas in Donbas.

Baraa Ali /Shaza Qreima /Mazen Eyon

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