Settlement process starts in Kiswa, Damascus southern countryside

Damascus, SANA- The settlement process was launched on Saturday in Kiswa town and its vicinity in Damascus southern countryside to include the wanted civilians, deserters and those who didn’t join the military service in the framework of completing the settlement agreements proposed by the State in several provinces.

SANA reporter said that the town has witnessed a large turnout along with launching the settlement process which would contribute to consolidating stability that the villages and towns of the western al-Ghota are witnessing in a way that allows them to play their real role in their society and in defending their homeland.

The reporter pointed out that the participants raised the Syrian national flag, chanted national slogans that praise the victories of the Syrian Arab Army, expressing their relief for completing the settlement.

Scores of Zakyia town’s locals started to settle their status at Kiswa town settlement center, Damascus countryside, according to SANA reporter.

“Since the first hour of the settlement process began, tens of Zakyia town’s locals joined the process to settle their status and return to their normal lives, “as he added.

During the celebration that was held in the town square, Governor of Damascus Countryside, Eng. Moataz Abu al-Nasr Jamran, stressed that “The settlement is a step to consolidate safety and security to the area”.

A number of participants affirmed that the turnout of hundreds of people to conduct the settlement process expresses their will and determination to return and exercise their role in building, reconstruction, and defending the homeland.



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