Syrian Military Public Prosecution: No legitimate justification for US presence in Syria

Damascus, SANA- Syrian Military Public Prosecution stressed Thursday that there is no legal justification for the US presence in Syria under any name except the “occupation”, indicating that the recent events in Hasaka is an implementation of a plan that aims at leaving the country under the US occupation for the longest possible time.

The Military Public Prosecution representative said, in a statement on Thursday, that the US did not receive the consent of the Syrian government and it is not in a state of legitimate self-defense, therefore it deviates from the text of the fourth paragraph of 2nd Article of the UN charter, thus it breaches the international organization’s Charter.

The US occupation has provided sponsorship for the separatist scheme since its occupation of parts of the Syrian territories under the illegitimate so-called of the “International Coalition” through supporting the QSD militia, that is linked with it, and providing it with equipment and weapons, as well as, Washington has enabled these militias from establishing political entities as a substitution for the legitimate institutions of the Syrian state.

The US has ignored the movements of Daesh terrorist organization as all the violations, which it practices on the Syrian lands, have been documented in a way that allows to making proven accusations against the US administration, the statement went on to say.

Last June, the Military Public Prosecution presented evidence that allows to make substantiated accusations against the US on preparing and carrying out terrorist aggressions in Syria.

Hala Zain




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