Mission “Sky” …. the 1st film depicts the Syrian-Russian cooperation in combating terrorism

Moscow, SANA- Cinemas of the Russian capital city of Moscow and other Russian cities started on Wednesday screening the narrative film “Sky” which sheds lights on the Syrian-Russian cooperation on fighting terrorism in Syria and documents the story of, Oleg Peshkov, the Lieutenant-Colonel of the Russian Air Force who was martyred after his Su-24 was shot down by Turkey in Syria’s sky on November 24th ,2015.

The film is based on real events when a member of the terrorist organizations fired on the pilot Peshkov while he was parachuting, killing him while he was in the sky after shooting his Su-24 plane by Turkish missiles.

Meanwhile, a group of the Russian and Syrian special forces rescued the other pilot , Captain Konstantin Murakhtin, as he parachuted to the ground before the terrorist organizations could manage to reach him.

Later, all the terrorists who participated in this crime were eliminated , and Captain Peshkov was awarded the “Hero of the Russian Federation” award posthumously while the other pilot, Murakhtin, was awarded with the “Order of Courage.”

“ The actors and team work exerted every possible effort to show those events been occurred in Syria with their heroes , Peshkov and Murakhtin”,the film’s director and writer , Igor Kopylov, said.

The film events clarified the necessity of carrying out the national duty till the end with loyalty and patriotism in Syria, Crimean Peninsula and all the Russian cities .

Many shots at the film were taken under the national flags of Syria and Russia.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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