Al-Kizbari: National delegation put forward principles that reflect aspirations of Syrian people

Geneva, SANA- Head of the national delegation to the meetings of the Committee of discussing the constitution in Geneva, Ahmad al-Kizbari, affirmed that during the 6th round of the Committee’s meetings, the national delegation discussed principles that reflect the aspirations of the Syrian people that came with positive spirit “to do everything possible for the success of this round.”

Al-Kizbari added in a press conference at the concluding session of the Committee 6th round meetings in Geneva that the national delegation has always been keen to discuss the constitution among Syrians, far from foreign intervention agendas, and came with a positive spirit to do everything possible for the success of this round, depending on that, the delegation presented a paper on the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic and its independence and territorial integrity and another paper on “terrorism and extremism”.

He indicated that the delegation discussed with the other sides principles that reflect the aspirations and concerns of Syrian people, taking into account the suffering and the terrorist war which was waged against the country during the last ten years.

Al-Kizbari  added that the proposals presented by some of the participants, which were unfortunately disconnected from reality, reflected in some aspects hostile agendas to the extent that some parts justified the illegal unilateral coercive measures that increased the suffering of the Syrian people.

He said that the national delegation noticed the insistence of the other delegation and its continuous attempts to make this round of talks a failure and make it not to come up with any result despite the effective contribution of the national delegation to make it a success.

Al-Kizbari added that “our delegation reaffirmed to continue to engage positively in the committee’s discussions in a way that leads not to abandon the rights and principles of the Syrian people.”

MHD Ibrahim/Mazen Eyon

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