Battle of Maysalun ….an immortal epic of resistance and adherence to national symbols

Damascus, SANA- More than 100 years have passed over the Battle of Maysalun, led by the Syrian Minister of war then, Yusuf al-Azma, and this battle is still consolidated more and more among Syrians who have been fighting in the war on terrorism for more than 10 years and facing the international and regional schemes in addition to terrorist groups, making the Syrians adhere much more to their homeland and their national and historic symbols.

The 101st anniversary of Maysalun Battle which took place in 1920 has always been representing a turning point in the history of the Syrian resistance against the aggression on Syria with all its forms till the evacuation of the colonizers and achieving victory on terrorism.

History repeats itself; as the Syrian national army, led by Yusuf al-Azma in Maysalun Battle forced the invading French forces , led by General Henri Gouraud, that entered the Syrian territories through the Lebanese borders to stop in Maysalun near Damascus , the Syrian Arab Army ,nowadays, also has foiled the universal scheme plot against Syria since 2011 and has withstood in facing the forces of devil forcing them to give up their dreams in entering the sacred al-Sham territory and has won great victories on the ground from Aleppo to Daraa and from Lattakia countryside to Iraqi borders.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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