Syrian prisoner in Israeli jails: Syria in its way to victory

The Occupied Syrian Golan, SANA – Majed Farhan al-Shaer, Syrian prisoner in the Israeli jails, said that Syria in its war against the international terrorism is on the path of achieving victory.

In a message to the Syrian people on the 33rd anniversary of the decision of the Israeli Knesset to annex the Golan, al-Shaer hailed the achievements and sacrifices of the Syrian people and army.

He added “From the Gilboa Prison north of occupied Palestine, we reiterate our loyalty to the Syrian people, army and leadership.”

Al-Shaer was imprisoned in 2010 after being charged of espionage, he is the father of Fedaa al-Shaer, also prisoner in the jails of the Zionist entity.

Mohammad Nassr

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