Turkish occupation cuts off water for 7th day for million people in Hasaka city and its countryside

Hasaka, SANA –Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries of terrorist organizations continued to threaten the lives of million people in Hasaka city and western countryside as they stop the running of al-Aouk water station for the 7th days.

Director of Hasaka Water Establishment, Eng. Mahmoud Uklah said in a statement to SANA reporter that the government is intensifying its efforts   in cooperation with Syrian Arab Red Crescent and international committee for Red Cross, with the aim of providing drinking water.

He noted that the establishment is filling the water tanks which spread in Hasaka city throughout the day with water drinking, while council of Hasaka city drives special tanks to mobilize private water for household uses for citizens in places of their residence.

Uklah added that there are continuous efforts for entering water work teams into Alouk station and working to operate and resume pumping water according to rationing program..

Hybah /Mazen


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