Agricultural activity recovers in Zabadani, Serghaya in Damascus Countryside “Photos”

Damascus Countryside, SANA- With great determination and motivated by their love to their land, peasants in Zabadani City and Serghaya Town in Damascus Countryside have resumed their agricultural activity undaunted by all difficult circumstances as they have been able to cultivate wide areas of the lands which have been damaged at the hands of terrorists.

Since the liberation of the cities of Zabadani, Buqqein, Madaya and Serghaya in Damascus northwestern from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army, the agricultural activity has begun to recover, and these areas have once again started to supply Damascus and other provinces with apples, cherries, apricots, almonds and other agricultural products.

SANA met a number of farmers during a tour in the city and monitored the relentless efforts made by them to restore the glow of the agricultural sector, whose products used to cover the needs of the people and the neighboring markets, as they talked about their demands and the steps they took to reclaim their lands and invest the grants offered to them to reproduce vegetables and fruits as they used to do before the years of war.

Locals of Zabadani City and the surrounding villages in Damascus northwestern countryside told SANA that they had suffered as a state of insecurity and the destruction of lands at the hands of terrorists, yet after liberating these areas from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army, peace and security have prevailed.

The locals noted that the impacts of the terrorist war on the city and its lands negatively affected the trees and thus the production, as the armed terrorist groups stole equipment, machinery, tractors, and water engines, and cut down and burned fruit trees, which hindered the agricultural process in the region, but with the return of security and safety to them, the farmers returned to start from the starting point.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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