Bronze medal for Syria at International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad

Damascus, SANA- The Syrian Scientific Olympiad team has won a bronze medal at the competition of the International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad (IMChO), organized by Russia for secondary school students via internet on July 14th and 15th with a participation of 27 states.

The Distinction and Creativity Agency said in a statement on Sunday that a bronze medal was won by student Anas Abbas from the 11th grade at al-Basel Secondary School for Outstanding Students in Homs, clarifying that the competition consisted of two five-hour rounds, during which the students solved chemistry problems in the analytical, organic, inorganic, and life sciences and polymers categories.

The team which participated in the competition also included the students Ahmad al-Ater, Haya Kayali, and Maha al-Ali.

This IMChO competition is considered a preparatory phase for the Syrian Scientific Olympiad’s students in the framework of their preparations for participation in the competition of the World Olympiad for Chemistry (IChO) organized by Turkey on July

It’s worth mentioning that this is the second participation by the Syrian Scientific Olympiad team at this competition, as the student Mohammed Bilal won a bronze medal in the competition held last year which included practical and theoretical tests.


Baraa Ali /Hazem Sabbagh

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