The so-called “Caesar Act” deprives Syrians of medicines and treatment

Aleppo, SANA_ The so-called “Caesar Acts” constitutes a new chapter in the aggression against the Syrian people as it threatens vital sectors such as agriculture, industry and the economy; and perhaps its greatest negative effect is on the health sector in the light of the spread of the coronavirus in the world where efforts are exerted to confront it while the Syrians are deprived of medicines and medical treatment requirements.

SANA camera observed the effects of this act on the health sector through opinions of a number of medical cadres at al-Razi hospital in Aleppo which is one of the most important hospitals that continued to offer free medical and treatment services to citizens during the terrorist war period on Aleppo.

Director of al-Razi hospital Dr. Maen Daba, explained that the application of the “Caesar Act” has a negative impact on the Syrian people and the effects will be seen later as the current medical equipment will require spare parts, maintenance and medical supplies that they will not be able to be imported.

Daba noted that the hospital pharmacy has begun to suffer from the effects and the lack of imported drugs, especially antibiotics, as some companies have withdrawn their licenses granted to drug factories for fear of aforementioned act.

Head of the Department of General Surgery at the hospital, Dr. Sa’adallah Keyali said that American unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people created difficulties for the importation of medical equipment as some foreign contracted companies refrain from supplying such materials.

In the Radiography Department, technician Sharif Kayali pointed out that the computerized radiography device, used to serve more than 40 patients daily, today it is out of service due to the impossibility of importing the spare parts from the foreign manufacturer.

Technician Ahmad Trab, head of the laboratory, explained that the substances necessary to carry out the analyzes are imported from abroad, which is extremely difficult today because foreign companies refrain from dealing with the Syrian medical sector.

Head of general nursing, Wadah Hamdak indicated that some medical devices went out of service due to the stoppage of maintenance contracts due to so-called “Caesar Act”.

Hyba Sleman/Gh.A.Hassoun

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