Syrian Investment Agency: Syria has many investment-attracting incentives

Damascus, SANA – Head of the Syrian Investment Agency Hala Ghazal said Syria has a number of investment-attracting incentives because of its diverse economy and the availability of experienced labor force. 

Ghazal’s remarks came during a meeting on Tuesday with a delegation of Polish businessmen and firms’ representatives headed by Artur Rublyovsky, with the attendance of Minister of Administrative Development Hassan al-Nouri. 

Ghazal said Syria gives a number of facilitations to foreign investors, grants access to needed equipment with permission to take them out the country whenever the investor wants, in addition to huge cut down on fees and customs.

 She also briefed the delegation on the agency and its work. 

In turn, head of the delegation stressed the importance of protecting investment and providing all needed facilitations, highlighting the need to set a unified tax system and benefitting from the lessons of the Polish experience in social and economic change as to avoid the Polish mistakes in this regard. 

The delegation comprises businessmen, CEOs, firms’ representatives and experts who work in the fields of housing, power, IT, and medicine.

Mohammad Nassr/ Mazen Eyon

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