Turkey-backed terrorists injured in IED blast in Aleppo northern countryside

Aleppo ,SANA – A number of terrorists from groups backed by the Turkish occupation forces were injured when an explosive device planted in their car went off in the surrounding of I’zaz city in Aleppo northern countryside.

Local sources told SANA reporter that an explosive device had exploded in a car used by terrorist groups affiliated with the Turkish regime on Sajo Shmarin road in the surrounding of I’zaz city in Aleppo northern countryside, causing the injury of a number of terrorists and material damage in the site of the blast.

On the other hand, identical media and civilian sources said that an explosion occurred due to an unknown reason on Tuesday dawn in a market for selling petroleum byproducts in al-Bab city in Aleppo northeastern countryside at a time when 11 tanker trucks were at the place, which caused them to catch fire, with the fire extending to nearby shops and the cars, claiming the life of one civilian and injuring four others.

Baraa Ali / Hazem Sabbagh


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