Iran, Russia call for lifting of coercive Western economic measures on Syria

Tehran, SANA-Iran and Russia called for lifting of unilateral Western coercive economic measures imposed on Syria, and taking the necessary measures to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian Arab people.

That came in a telephone between senior Aide of the Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Asghar Khaji and Russian deputy Foreign Minister for intentional Affairs Sergei Vershinin .

Iranian Fars News Agency reported that Khaji and Vershinin discussed the latest developments in Syria and to hold a meeting of the guarantor states of the Astana process. They expressed their concern about the crisis of the Syrian people due to Western coercive measures.

Khaji condemned the Western unilateral measures, calling for taking the necessary procedures to ease the suffering of the Syrian people.

Bushra/Manar/Mazen Eyon

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