More voices raised demanding lifting unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria

Capitals, SANA_ The Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee of Jordanian Media Figures and Intellectuals Gathering for the sake of Syria Jamal Al-Alawi condemned the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed by the West on Syria, calling on the international community to take action to end it.

In a statement to SANA correspondent in Amman on Sunday, Al-Alawi called on Arab countries and friendly countries to stand alongside Syria and provide appropriate support to enable it to address the Coronavirus epidemic.

He asserted his confidence that the Syrian state that has faced and achieved important victories over terrorism over the past ten years is also capable of facing all the challenges and difficult conditions that exposed to it.

Head of the Anti-Zionism and Racism Association, Academic Azmi Mansour, said that the United States and its Western allies have become extremely brutal, criminal and are practicing ethical injustice through their coercive measures against the Syrian people, as well as through plunging their political hatred into humanitarian issues.

Mansour added that this brutality is also manifested by their stance towards Iran, Venezuela and Cuba, even suspending Washington’s financial obligations for the World Health Organization, considering that the Coronavirus pandemic revealed the ugliest greed, selfishness and brutality of the imperial system.

From Beirut, Lebanese actor Ahmad Al-Zein, called for an end to the unjust Western coercive measures imposed on Syria by the colonial powers, which falsely claiming the adherence to the human and moral implications.

Al-Zein said in a special statement to the SANA correspondent in Beirut that “Syria was and will continue to be the incubator of Arabism and we will preserve what it has provided to Lebanon and Palestine and all our legitimate issues.

He emphasized that Syria deserves us to stand with it, especially in these circumstances where it faces terrorism as it is currently facing Coronavirs epidemic, appealing to the free people of the nation and the world, especially the Arab artists, to whom Syria gave them all help, honor and respect to raise their voice to put an end to these aggressive measures against Syria.


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