AMAL… First Syrian-made ventilator

Aleppo, SANA-Aleppo Industry Chamber launched on Thursday the first Syrian-made ventilator, AMAL ,(means hope in Arabic) to be offered to the Health Ministry.

“The ventilator set is a scientific, charitable project which aims at encouraging the scientific research and connect it to the industrial development,” Chairman of Aleppo Industry Chamber, Fairs Shihabi said at a press conference.

He added the ventilator set will be handed to the Health Ministry to make some experiments on it, then if adopted, the Chamber will produce 10 other sets to help confront the coronavirus.

Tayser Darkal, an industrialist, who worked in the set, said this job has required intensified efforts and they faced some difficulties in carrying out the set due to the lack to electronic and medical parts.

He affirmed the importance of this work in light of the coercive, economic measures imposed on the Syrian people.

Mazen Eyon

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