Health Minister: No Coronavirus cases have been detected in Syria until today

Damascus, SANA_ The Minister of Health Nizar Yazigi has stated that no cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) have been detected in Syria until today.

The Minister, in a press statement on Thursday evening, stressed that Health Ministry is the only source about this subject, not what are being circulated on websites of rumors and baseless news.

“When an infection exists it will be announced immediately,” he told reporters.

The Minister indicated that the Ministry is continuously working through 1,126 epidemiological investigation teams deployed throughout Syria.

Starting from next Saturday, March 21, there will be telephone advice lines for citizens on medical conditions, including queries and questions about the coronavirus, the minister said.

Citizens who came from outside Syria and are in quarantine center will be transferred to Damascus International Airport hotel and al-Dweir medical center will be rehabilitated within a week maximum, according to Yazigi.

He explained that the quarantine center is a place of residence and not of treatment, adding that the place of treatment is in the intensive care units of hospitals.

The Minister of Health confirmed that four quarantine centers are being prepared in Damascus and that al-Dwair center will remain a place for precautionary quarantine, while the work in the other places began about four days ago and will take some time.


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