Haddad: Foreign interference in domestic affairs of states is main reason behind wars and disputes

Moscow, SANA- Syrian Ambassador in Moscow, Riad Haddad, affirmed on Thursday that the main reason behind wars, disputes and instability in the Middle East is the foreign interference in the internal affairs of the states.

Haddad said in a speech at a round table meeting held by “Russian Community for the Middle East” in cooperation with “Federation of Veterans of Russia” that the states which name themselves as “superpowers,” on top of them, the US, have practiced all forms of the interference and wars in our region.

He added “the US has carried out direct invasion on Iraq since 2003, then it used “revolutions” type and supported them on the political, military and finance levels, in addition to that, it used the terrorist groups to fight the countries that oppose its policy.”

The Ambassador also pointed out that Syria has experienced that method of wars as “the dominating forces in the world sent the terrorist groups to it, aiming at destroying and destabilizing the situation in Syria and all the region to achieve the policy of Creative Chaos to which the US and its allies have sought to carry it out since 2003.”

He added that after the failure of the terrorist groups in achieving their targets ,those states interfered directly , occupied parts of Syria and looted its resources.

Haddad concluded by saying that Syria is committed to fight terrorism with all its forms till eliminating it completely.

Baraa Ali/Mazen

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