The army enters strategic city of Sarakeb, dismantle mines

Idleb, SANA-Units of the Syrian Arab Army entered on Thursday the strategic city of Sarakeb in Idelb Eastern countryside from many directions and started acts of dismantling mines and bombs planted by terrorists in the city, hours after liberating Afes town to the north of the area.

SANA reporter said the Army units entered the city from the four directions after tightening the noose around it.

Meanwhile, the reporter stressed that units of the army confronted a fierce attack by the terrorists on al-Nayrab axis to the northeastern sides of Sarakeb and the axis of Mardikh to the south of the city in an attempt to make a gap in the circle imposed by the army units, but the army foiled the attack and inflicted the terrorists heavy losses.

The army operations ended up with the killing and injuring of a big number of terrorists while many other escaped.

Mazen Eyon

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