British Journalist: Western media spread lies about events in Syria

Ottawa, SANA-  British Journalist  Vanessa Beeley criticized Western media coverage of the events in Syria, noting that they publish many lies about what is going on in Syria, particularly with regard to the Syrian Arab Army operations against terrorist organizations.

In an article published by the Canadian Global Research website, Beeley pointed out that the most flagrant lies by the western media is which attempt to harm the Syrian Arab army.

Beeley said that during her visit to Syria she saw the units of the Syrian Arab Army are unified in their way to the frontlines in the countryside of Aleppo and Idleb to eradicate Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization and restore security and stability to these areas.

The British Journalist stressed that the Syrian Army and its allies are waging a real war against terrorism.

She pointed out that the Turkish regime continues to support its agents of terrorists in northern Syria and provides weapons, rockets and shells to them which they use against the residential areas and claim the lives of many civilians.

The terrorist organizations, backed by the Turkish regime headed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and positioned in the countryside of Aleppo and Idleb are firing shells against the residential neighborhoods. On Sunday, a girl was injured in a terrorist rocket shell attack on Halab al-Jadidah neighborhood, as well as the terrorist organizations are preventing the civilians, willing to exit from the terrorists-held areas to the safe areas which have been liberated by the Syrian Arab army, from reaching the humanitarian corridors in Abu al-Duhour, al-Habit and al-Hader in the countryside of Idleb and Aleppo.

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