Army liberates al-Nairab village north of Aleppo-Lattakia International Highway, Idleb countryside

Idleb, SANA- During their operations against terrorist organizations in the direction of Saraqeb City in Idleb Syrian Arab Army units have liberated al-Nairab village, north of Aleppo-Lattakia International Highway after fierce battles with terrorists’ gatherings in them.

SANA’s reporter said that after liberating the villages of Joubas, San and Trinbeh on Monday, army units intensified their operations in the direction of Saraqeb in Idleb southeastern countryside and liberated the village of al-Nairab to the north of Aleppo-Lattakia International Highway after destroying terrorists’ fortifications and a number of their positions and after forcing them to flee away, in addition to cutting their supply routes between Saraqeb and Ariha.

The reporter added that army units today have engaged in fierce clashes with terrorist groups in the surroundings of Kaddour and Rwaiha west of Saraqeb amid a state of collapse among the ranks of terrorists after destroying their frontlines and fortifications.

Over the past few days, army units have advanced in the direction of Saraqeb and they have liberated the villages of Joubas, San, Inqrati, Kafr Batikh and Kafr Dadikh in Idleb southeastern countryside after fierce battles with terrorist organizations as the army units have expanded their military operations in the direction of Saraqeb City.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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