50% of industrial facilities return to production in Damascus Countryside

Damascus countryside, SANA_ Industry sector began to recover as a result of the governmental steps which were adopted to provide all facilitations, especially to establishments suspended or damaged due to the terrorism in the country.

The return of industrial plants and factories for production in Tal Kerdi industrial zone, northeast of Damascus city, continues with the completion of services and infrastructure there, according to those responsible for them, who confirm willingness to provide support and facilitations for all facilities to produce again.

More than 50% of the facilities and industrial plants in the industrial zone of Tal Kerdi,  resumed production, while others are still under maintenance.

“Thanks to the efforts made to rehabilitate infrastructure and restore services, more than 2300 industrial plants re-opened in Damascus Countryside,” Director of industrial zones in Damascus Countryside Asaad Khalouf said.

He added that the work is currently underway to rehabilitate the rest of the plants to resume production.


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