People of occupied Syrian Golan renew utter rejection of Israeli project of wind turbines

Quneitra, SANA _ Since the occupation of the Syrian Arab Golan, the Israeli occupation authorities have systematically looted its natural and agricultural resources through hundreds of arbitrary and aggressive schemes and practices against people, land and history of the occupied Syrian Golan.

The people of occupied Syrian Golan on Friday renewed their utter rejection of the new settlement plan through the wind turbines project that the occupation intends to implement on the citizens’ properties and confiscating their lands by force on various pretexts.

They staged a protest at the square of Majdal Shams town in rejection of the Israeli plans, reiterating their adherence to their lands and defending it.

The protesters emphasized that the implementation of the project on their lands and properties is one of the aspects of settlement aiming at stealing and plundering the properties of the Syrian citizens and goods of the Golan, stressing the continuation of the work to abort this project.

The Israeli occupation authorities plan to implement a new settlement project through building 46 on about six thousand dunumms of agricultural lands owned by people of the Syrian Golan  in Majdal Shams, Mas’ada, Buqatha and Ein Qunya villages.



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