Erdogan’s regime transports more terrorists from north of Syria to Libya

Efrin/Aleppo/Hasaka, SANA – The Turkish regime continues its transportation of terrorist mercenaries from Syria to Libya, as media resources revealed that more terrorists affiliated with Erdogan’s regime arrived in Libya coming from Syria.

The sources said that more than 1700 terrorist mercenaries arrived in Libya during the past few hours, as Turkish forces transported them from Syria, all while the Turkish regime continues to recruit more terrorists in Efrin city and other areas occupied by its forces in preparation for transporting them to Libya.

The sources said Turkey has sent more than 2300 terrorists so far from Syria to Libya, 19 of which have been killed in battles there.

On another note, clashes erupted among the Turkish occupation’s terrorist mercenaries in Ras al-Ayn city in Hasaka, and a number of terrorist organizations’ leaders fled via al-Aziziye crossing point following accusations against the so-called “Squad 20” led by terrorist “Abu Barzan” of deploying a car bomb in the town of Salouk on Thursday, which killed five mercenaries and two Turkish occupation soldiers.

Hazem Sabbagh

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