Weapons, ammunition, and explosives left by terrorists found in Southern region

Damascus, SANA- The competent authorities found amounts of weapons and ammunition, some of which are US and Israeli-made, in addition to amounts of narcotics left behind by terrorists in the Southern region.

A source at the authorities told SANA reporter that underground caches , including large amounts of weapons and heavy, medium, and light ammunition, some of them are US-made and Israeli- made, were found in the southern region.

The source indicated that the seized weapons and ammunition included large amounts of ammunition, an amount of 300,000 ammunition of automatic rifles, automatic and sniper rifles, 12.7mm and 23 mm machineguns, Doshka machineguns, tanks shells, 60mm, 80mm and 120mm mortar shells, and an amount of explosive materials.

The seized weapons also included anti–tank missiles, communication devices, night-vision binoculars, in addition to 100 kg of narcotics.


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