Looting Syrian oil, organized crime completes US decades-old policies to control resources of region

Damascus, SANA_ Crimes of looting Syrian oil by the US occupation forces under the guise of combating “Daesh” terrorist organization constitute a clear proof on the completion of America’s decades-old policies based on invasions and interventions to control the natural resources and the capabilities of the peoples.

The US President Donald Trump was not embarrassed to frankly announce this policy when he recently asserted that the decision to keep his occupation forces in the Syrian al-Jazira region is for “Syrian oil only.”

Trump has already confessed that the goal of his occupation forces in Syria was looting the oil. Trump’s confession came during a press conference with his partner in the aggression on Syria President of Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan during the latter’s visit to Washington last week.

“American forces are in Syria for oil only” Trump said, undermining, on the one hand, all the attempts by officials of his administration to cover up the real reason for the illegal US military presence and revealing, on the other hand, the biggest purpose behind Washington’s interventions and keenness to prolong the crisis in Syria.

Washington’s hidden ends behind the lies of counter-terrorism are no longer hidden after Trump’s decision to keep his occupation forces in the oil fields areas of northeastern Syria.

These ends, according to American weekly magazine “Newsweek”, are new evidence on the fact that the United States has used the means of aggression and military and political intervention throughout its history to control natural resources in a certain country.

“History has shown that all recent US interventions have only led to disaster,” said Yevgeny Bozinski, head of the Moscow-based Rapid Intervention Center. “The intervention did not produce any new democracy or prosperity, but more violence, refugees and victims,” Bozinski added, recalling the wars and military interventions by the United States in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and others.

Bozinski ridiculed at the United States’ portraying itself as a defender of international law. “The US military presence in Syria opposes any rules and any international law,” he said, stressing that the oil fields Trump seeks to loot are the property of the Syrian state and its people, which means that what Washington is perpetrating has nothing to do with international law.

The stages of the implementation of the American colonial role in Syria are not limited to supporting terrorist organizations and using them to commit crimes and atrocities, but also to prepare a new phase of the terrorist war through a strategy revealed by “Global Research” website recently.

This strategy consists of four axes; the first of which is the continued looting of Syrian oil through the deployment of American forces; the second axis is the escalation of unilateral coercive measures against Syria, the third one is escalation of incitement to hostile practices and policies against Syria while the fourth axis is through impeding efforts of  reconstruction process being exerted by the Syrian government, on the one hand, and preventing technical expertise and reconstruction assistance from returning to Syria, on the other one.





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