Folkloric dance performed by expatriates in US reflects Syria’s culture

Florida, SANA- prompted by great desire to promote their culture, members the Syrian community in the United States of America performed folkloric dances during an annual charity festival held in Mar Afram Church for Syriac Catholics in Jacksonville City, Florida.
Though born abroad, Dina Yazigi a young lady of Syrian origin told SANA that she is proud of being from this Mediterranean country with all its ancient history filled with cultural features and deep-rooted civilization.
Holding their hands in a circle like a chain, Dina and the other participants danced al-Dabke ( a famous folkloric dance in the Levant) making the wooden stage a minimized picture of Syria and its neighboring countries, a message the young lady wanted to pass about “how much unity is significant for Syrians whether at home or abroad”
Members of other Arab communities in the USA such as Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan shared the Syrian volunteers in the performance in great applause.
Rasha Milhem/

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