Army units boost their points in Tal Tamr countryside to protect locals and confront any aggression

Hasaka, SANA- Units of the Syrian Arab Army, which fixed their points in the northern and northeastern countryside of Hasaka, continue to strengthen their points in order to confront any aggression by Turkish occupation and protect locals from the attacks of Erdogan’s terrorist tools.

In Tal Tamr northern countryside , the army units positioned there are working to boost their points to confront any possible attacks by the Turkish aggression as the army units boosted their positions in an area extends 60 km starting from al-Aghibish village west of Tal Tamr to al-Wasitah village south of Aliyah silos.

Field sources in the northern and northeastern part of Tal Tamr town told SANA reporter that the army units boosted their points in Um al-Kaif village northwest of Tal Tamr, and Khashm Zarkan village north of the town and Mjeibert Zarkan village in the northeastern part on the Tal Tamr/Qamishli road.

The sources affirmed that the army units continue to advance on many directions in the area aimed at expanding deployment up to the Syrian –Turkish border, and eliminating the Turkish regime’s mercenaries.

The deployments of the Syrian Arab Army’s units in these areas contributed to the spread of reassurance and satisfaction among the people.

The Syrian Arab Army’s personnel who are deployed in the areas affirmed that their deployment in these areas is a moral and a national duty, expressing readiness to confront any aggression launched on Syria, and protect the locals.

Local sources in Tal Tamr told SANA reporter that deployment of the Syrian Arab Army and raising the Syrian national flag over several villages and sites in the area contributed to the return of many locals who were forced to displace from their houses over the past periods due to the Turkish aggression.


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