Health Minister: 90% of local market’s needs of medication provided by national industry

Damascus, SANA – The People’s Assembly on Thursday discussed the performance of the Health Ministry.

During the session, Health Minister Nizar Yazigi reviewed the Ministry’s plan for 2019, saying that since the beginning of the year, over 25,700,000 health and medical services have been provided to citizens at the Ministry’s hospitals and centers.

He said the Ministry’s reconstruction operations have covered 37 hospitals and 238 health centers.

Yazigi pointed out to the breast cancer early detection campaign which kicked off this October, saying that the Ministry’s national vaccination campaigns have reached 91% of the targeted demographics, and sub-national vaccination campaigns have reached 82%, noting that the rest of the targeted demographics couldn’t be reached because the staff of the Health Ministry and international organizations couldn’t access certain areas, such as areas in Hasaka and Idleb.

He noted that the fact that there has been no epidemics in Syria throughout the years of the war is “an achievement and a miracle.”

The Minister pointed out to the cooperation with friendly countries to procure medication for terminal diseases, as well as efforts for exporting local pharmaceutical products which are now exported to 16 countries.

He asserted that 90% of the local market’s needs of medication is provided by the local industry which provides 8,7007 types of medication.

Hazem Sabbagh

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