Ala: Turkish regime exploits humanitarian affair to cover its support to terrorism

Geneva, SANA- Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Ambassador Hussam Eddin Ala said that ignoring the reasons which lead to conflicts, including the foreign occupation policies of intervention , targeting legitimate governments, and supporting terrorism won’t contribute to the proper diagnosis of humanitarian crises and don’t help address them correctly.

Ala, delivering a speech at the general debates of the Economic and Social Council Humanitarian Affairs Segment (ECOSOC) currently held in Geneva, said that hiding behind the false human solidarity mask will not help conceal the ugly face of the Turkish regime’s practices and its crimes in Syria.

The Ambassador said that the policy of holding humanitarian conferences and the Turkish claims about the solidarity and humanitarian diplomacy are void after the Turkish regime had exploited the humanitarian affair to make it as a tool to practice blackmail and cover up the terrorism support diplomacy and occupation of parts of the Syrian territory.

“The so-called “The open door policy” of Turkey, in fact, led to trafficking in the human suffering of the Syrians and exploiting them in to practice blackmail and gain new Political and financial support from Europe, and this contributed to bringing the worst forms of terrorism, financed and armed by Turkey, to the Syrian territory,” Ala said.


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