Ala: Syria’s priority is to liberate the rest of its lands from terrorism and occupation

Cairo, SANA- Ambassador Hussam Eddin Ala, Syria’s permanent representative to the Arab League said that Syria’s current priority is to liberate the rest of its land from terrorism and occupation.

Meeting an Egyptian media delegation from “Media gathering in support of Syria”, Ala said that the delegation’s visit to the Syrian Embassy in Cairo coincided with the anniversary of the unity between Syria and Egypt which constituted an important milestone in the history of the two countries and embodied the deep ties between the two brotherly peoples.

He underlined the importance of the gathering in revealing the reality of the terrorist war against Syria before the Arab and international public opinion.

Ala briefed the member of the delegation on the latest development in Syria after defeating terrorism thanks to the Syrian Arab Army, indicating that the country’s priority is to liberate the rest of its lands from terrorism, the Turkish and American occupation, recover from the economic consequences of the crisis and improve the living conditions in light of the unilateral Western coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people.

Ala stressed the importance of the joint Arab action to stop the Israeli occupation’s genocide in the Gaza Strip and the rest of the occupied Palestinian territory and confront the plan of forced displacement that it is trying to impose on the Palestinian people, pointing out the priority of immediately stopping the aggression and ensuring the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Strip to enable the Palestinians to withstand and confront the aggression.

For their parts, the delegation members expressed their full solidarity with Syria in its war against terrorism and occupation and in the face of the Israeli-American aggression.

Shaza Qreima

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