Syrian artist turns coffee into creative plastic art paintings

Damascus, SANA-Syrian artist Moayed Kanaan has been able to create his special artistic style in the plastic art through turning  coffee into wonderful paintings.

Kanaan has been interested in the plastic art since early childhood as he was influenced by the artworks of international and elite Syrian artists as he developed a new concept of beauty and he has documented it with a touch that searches for peace and security through the art.

Kanaan considers that his choice of coffee was in the beginning temperamental as he didn’t think that he will continue using that style, yet the admiration which his first artworks have gained made him adopt and get specialized in that artistic style of using coffee in drawing.

Kanaan mixed the raw material which he uses with his artistic and cultural identity, considering that coffee brings to the mind of people the tenderness, warmness and affection.

Kanaan noted that his favorite tool in drawing with coffee has been the spoon since he started adopting that style, indicating that he might use the brush later, indicating that there are details which can’t be explained in painting except by using the spoon.

One of the topics which attracts Kanaan as a plastic artist is the limitless ends as a main title of his artworks.

Kanaan expressed hope that he would have the opportunity to display his artistic paintings throughout Syria and worldwide.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri





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