Al-Shawa: Syria determined to continue fight against terrorism until liberating every inch of its territory

Moscow, SANA- Deputy Defense Minister Major Gen. Mahmoud al-Shawa  said that Syria is going ahead in its war against terrorism until liberating every inch of its territory in Idleb and other areas, adding that liberating Golan is a priority.

Speaking at the opening of Moscow Conference on International Security (MCIS) on Wednesday, al-Shawa said any illegitimate foreign presence on Syria’s territories is an aggression and it must be stopped immediately.

Coalition of “aggression and conspiracy” has failed to achieve its hostile and colonial project after eight years of terrorist against Syria, yet, it has not been able to weaken the Syrian people and their determination to achieve victory , in cooperation with the allies, friends, on top Russia , Iran and the rest of the friends.

Al-Shawa said that the US occupation troops and their terrorists are continuing to detain displaced Syrians in al-Rukban Camp and prevent their return to their villages and cities liberated from terrorism via the humanitarian corridors opened by the Syrian government , in cooperation with friends, al-Shawa affirmed.

He said that those facts prove the Washington’s breach of the international law and charters as it is continuing in the its terrorist , economic, political and culture war against the Syrians and trading their suffering to serve its aggressive goals , not to mention the open support of the so-called White Helmets organization and other terrorist organizations to prolong the crisis.

Al-Shawa reiterated Syria’s rejection of US aggressive statements about keeping part of its forces on Syrian territories illegally, saying that any foreign military presence on the country’s territory without the approval of its government is an aggression and it must be ended immediately.

Al-Shawa added that Syria calls for the dissolution of the so- called the international coalition against terrorism and the withdrawal of all the US, French, British and Turkish foreign forces whose presence in the country is illegitimate.

In a press statement to Syrian media in Moscow, al-Shawa said that the conference discussed terrorism to which Syria is exposed, adding that the Syrian viewpoint was present during the conference.

He added that the Syrian people is the sole owner of right in determining their future and the Syrian state is unified in its national, free resolution and future that doesn’t accept any external dictations.

Al-Shawa affirmed that the US presence in Syria is illegitimate.

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