Syrian tribes and clans in Aleppo highlights adherence to unity in defending homeland

Aleppo, SANA – Syrian tribes, clans and national figures held a meeting on Friday in Athriya town in Aleppo countryside to stress adherence to unity in defending the homeland against foreign threats and assaults and in supporting the Syrian Arab Army in its battle against terrorism.

SANA reporter in Aleppo said that the meeting included thousands of participants from all tribes and clans and national figures in addition to participants from Iraq and Lebanon.

The meeting is meant to address the world that the Syrian people from all spectra are standing in a single line in defending Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of foreign threats and assaults and in support of the Syrian Arab Army in combating all these threats, on top of which Takfiri terrorism and its backers.

Statement of Syrian tribes and clans stressed that the Syrian people are resolved to defend themselves, Syria’s territory and sovereignty with all means against any form of aggression including the US and Turkish occupation of Syrian territories

The statement said that Syria is a unified  independent homeland and locals of al-Jazira are adhered to their homeland, state, army and leadership.

The Syrian Arab Republic flag is the flag of homeland  which symbolizes Syria’s sovereignty as we categorically reject establishment of the so-called “safe  zone” in the northern Syria, the tribes added in their statement.

They affirmed that the Syrians, through dialogue, are the only ones who decide their national, political, economic and social options without any outside interference

The emphasis was also laid on the independence and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic and rejection of any partition scheme under any name.

R. Milhem/Gh.A.Hassoun



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