US-made weapons, Israeli medicines left behind by terrorists found in Southern region

Damascus, SANA_ The competent authorities have seized weapons and ammunition, including US-made missiles and Israeli medicines, left behind by terrorists in the Southern region.

A source at the component authorities told SANA reporter that an underground ammo cache from the terrorists’ remnants containing large amounts of munitions was found on Saturday during the sweeping operations in the southern region.

The source said that the seized weapons included US-made TOW missiles, light, medium and heavy weapons , large amounts of munition and ammunitions for machine guns, mostly US and Western made.

Various types of RBGs, machineguns used to target aviation, tanks, artillery fire , and rocket shells, which were used to attack the Syrian Arab Army points, civilians, and residential buildings were among the found weapons, the source added.

The source indicated that while combing the southern region the authorities uncovered medical equipment and medicine presented by the Israeli entity to the field hospitals of the terrorist organizations during their control over  the region.




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