Archeological stone inscription unearthed in Si’a Hill, Sweida   

Sweida, SANA- During its work and field follow-up in Si’a Hill archeological site, Sweida Antiquities Department unearthed an 80 cm-long and 40 cm-wide stone inscription belonging to one of the temples at the top of the hill.

Head of Sweida Antiquities Department Dr. Nashat Kiwan told SANA that the inscription was discovered in cooperation with the locals of the area and the preliminary analysis after reading the inscription by specialists in ancients languages showed that the inscription most likely belongs to the temples which had been built at the top of the hill.

Kiwan added that the inscription also contains the name of a person who as it seems enjoyed a high status and he had the honor to participate in building what is similar to a small stadium or a place for practicing some sport games within the site of the temples complex.

He indicated that a part of the inscription is lost and doesn’t have clear features completely and it is written in the Greek language.

Kiwan noted that the inscription isn’t known by researches and it hasn’t been mentioned in the historical and archeological references or in the books of travelers, and it may provide important information on Si’a Hill archeological site.

Si’a Hill archeological site is considered as one of the most important classical archeological sites in southern Syria as it dates back to the Nabatean era and the Roman and Byzantine reign.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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