Weapons, ammo left behind by terrorists found in Daraa al-Balad

Daraa, SANA- Competent authorities continued to comb the areas which have been liberated from terrorism in Daraa province as huge amounts of weapons and ammunition left behind by terrorists were found in the farms of Daraa al-Balad area.

SANA’s reporter in Daraa said that while combing the area of Daraa al-Balad, competent authorities found huge amounts of ammunition and varied weapons, some of which are Israeli-made or US-made, in addition to drones left behind by terrorists.

The reporter indicated that among the seized weapons were TOW missiles, snipers, a large number of military rifles, artillery shells, mortar shells, RPG launchers and medium machineguns.

The engineering units at the competent authorities are continuing the process of combing the residential areas and  their surroundings in the neighborhoods which have been liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army paving the way for the return of the locals to their houses.

R. Jazaeri/Gh.A.Hassoun


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