Authorities find weapons and ammo left behind by terrorists in several areas

Damascus, SANA- The authorities on Monday found weapons and ammunition, including missiles and machineguns, that had been left behind by terrorists in several areas.

SANA’s reporter said that during sweeping operations of the towns in Eastern Ghouta and the countryside of Daraa, Quneitra, Homs, and Hama, the authorities uncovered hideouts containing large amounts of weapons, ammo, and various types of shells left behind by terrorists.

A member of an engineering unit told SANA’s reporter that the weapons include shoulder-mounted anti-armor missiles, two Steyr sniper rifles, a number of assault rifles, hunting rifles, mortar launchers, in addition to tank, artillery, RPG, and mortar shells, large amounts of 14.5, 23, and 12.7 machinegun ammo, assault rifle ammo, satellite communication devices

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